11 Pet Peeves I Have

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1. People who ask you if they can ask you a question – You’re too late. You already inconvenienced me by asking me a question.

2. Improper use of the word “Your” – I have your number. Let me know when you are (or you’re) home. There is a difference. Figure it out. When I’m uncertain of whether or not I have properly used something grammatically I try to write it differently. That doesn’t make my grammar perfect, but I think it helps.

3. People who agonizingly miss someone literally seconds after they leave – If you’re (notice the word I used) this upset now, just think how much you’ll miss them in a couple hours.

4. People who use the word “literally” for something that is not literal – I could literally eat a horse right now. Uh no you couldn’t and if you could I don’t want to be around to see it.

5. Being interrupted in the middle of a sentence – I’m sorry, did the middle of my sentence interfere with the beginning of your sentence?

6. Pants – Just pants in general.

7. When someone blurts out what is going to happen next in a TV show or movie – If I’m watching something it’s because I haven’t seen it or because I have seen it but it was good enough that I wanted to see it again. Once scenario I don’t want you to ruin it for me, the other I already know what happens. Your astute TV watching skills don’t impress me.

8. People that don’t answer the question they were asked – If I ask you a yes or no question, a yes or no with a short explanation is all that is required. I don’t need your life story unless it’s absolutely necessary to get to your answer.

9. Forks with only three tines – Three tines is a trident, not a fork.

10. The sound of people eating or drinking – I’m not just talking about people that chew with their mouth open. That is likely a pet peeve of most people. I’m talking about the natural sounds that a person makes when chewing or swallowing. The sounds that are most certainly unavoidable, but yet make me upset.

11. When someone asks what you are doing on such and such a day – If you want my help with something or for me to attend something, just ask me and let me make the decision on my own. Don’t trap me, by asking me for my plans that day. I’m going to tell you I’m doing something important so I have an out if you ask me for something I’m not interested in giving you.

What’s a pet peeve you have?

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