12 Fun Facts You Might Find Interesting

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This is a list of 12 facts that I find funny. I didn’t do a very thorough job of checking these facts, so I’m using the term “facts” loosely, but I found them on the internet so they have to be accurate, right?

1. Betty White is older than sliced bread. Otto Frederick Rohwedder invented sliced bread in 1928, while Betty White was born in 1922. Bread had existed prior, just not in the pre-sliced form.

2. A man who survived the fire and sinking of a ship in 1871 was finally able to overcome his fear and nightmares 41 years later and get back on a boat again…only to die in the sinking of that new ship. The Titantic.

3. It is illegal to lock your car doors in downtown Churchill, Manitoba in case someone needs to escape from a polar bear.

4. The last time the Chicago Cubs won the World Series women were not allowed to vote. The infamous cold streak by the Cubs baseball team extends back to 1908 when they won their second World Series. Women in the US acquired the vote in 1920. While woman began voting in Canada in 1921.

5. Twinkies originally had banana flavored filling, but it was switched to vanilla when World War II brought the banana trade to a halt. Somewhere there is a banana flavored Twinkie sitting on a store shelf as fresh as the day it was packaged.

6. Bill Gates’ house was partially designed using a Macintosh computer.

7. Colgate faced a big obstacle marketing toothpaste in Spanish speaking countries. Colgate translates into the command “go hang yourself”.

8. The technology contained in a single Nintendo Game Boy in 2000 exceeds all of the computing power that was used to put the first man on the moon in 1969.

9. Surgeons who grew up playing video games make 37 percent less mistakes than those who didn’t. Surgeons who grew up playing the game “Operation” are 37 percent more likely to pass their tools to the next surgeons if something buzzes during surgery.

10. The mirror image of the number 3.14 looks like the word “PIE”.

11. With just 57 people in a room, the chance that there are two people who share a birthday is at least 99 percent. With 23 people in the room, there is a 50 percent chance.

12. The founder of match.com Gary Kremen, lost his girlfriend to a man she met on match.com. It’s true, more relationships start on match.com.

What other facts do you find amusing?

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