4 Lessons I’ve Learned From Seinfeld’s Kramer

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Seinfeld is a timeless sitcom. It’s as relevant today as it was when it was originally running. I think that’s why it’s still airing on so many networks on a regular basis.

Kramer is a very unique character, who in his own weird and unconventional ways shares a lot of wisdom with the show’s viewers. Here are 4 lessons I’ve learned from Kramer.

Having a TV set is a good idea – When you are lucky enough to find the set of the Merv Griffin show in the trash, what else are you supposed to do with it? Kramer sets it up in his apartment and to the dismay of his friends begins hosting his own version of the show.

What ensues is a place for Kramer and his friends to openly discuss things that are happening in their lives. As he is playing Merv Griffin, Kramer listens to his friends and asks questions to aid them in their search for answers.

Most of us have the answers to our problems within us. We just need to uncover them, whether by our own doing or with the help of a friend.

Skinny jeans aren’t for everyone – Trying to prove that he can still pull off wearing blue jeans, Kramer ends up in a pair of jeans so tight that he can’t bend his legs. After several attempts and help from Jerry to get them off he realizes that he’s stuck and continues on his day with them on.

When he ruins his friend’s audition because his part calls for him to sit on a chair, which he his unable to do, it is an embarrassing chain of events for him.

We aren’t always going to fit into the parts of our lives that we have in the past. Letting go can be hard, but trying to fit somewhere that you don’t belong anymore usually ends with a major embarrassment.

Don’t reverse the peep hole in your apartment door – Afraid of being ambushed by someone hiding in his apartment, Kramer reverses the peep hole in his door so that he can see into his apartment. When the superintendent comes looking for him to discuss something he tries to hide, but is unable to because the super can see what’s happening through the reversed peep hole.

It’s always a good idea to look at things from a different perspective, but sometimes like Kramer, when we give people that perspective it opens us up and makes us vulnerable. Be ready for that.

People may not see the advantages of preparing food in the shower the same way Kramer does – By installing a garbage disposal in his shower, Kramer is able to take back what is ultimately wasted time in the shower by washing and preparing food while he showers. When he announces this to his dinner guests they are understandably disgusted.

While I can see the merits of multi-tasking, this is perhaps crossing the line. As always Kramer is over the top, but what his actions show us is that somethings are sacred and deserve our full attention. Sometimes we’re further ahead doing one thing at a time.

What have you learned from Kramer?

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