4 More Dumb Things I’ve Done

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I know what you’re thinking.  “Tim, you do a lot of dumb things, all your blog posts are about something dumb that you’ve done.”  I just wanted to show you all that no matter who you are, you’re going to do dumb things.

In no way is this a completely inclusive list, but here are 4 more dumb things that I’ve done.

1.  On a Friday night Alec and I were heading to the Knight’s game.  We parked in the lot that we normally park in, he went to the machine to pay for parking, came back to the car and gave me the slip to put on the dash.

When we came back after the game, there was a parking ticket on my windshield.  Turns out you have to put the parking slip on your dash with the printed side up so the parking officer can see it.

It worked out alright.  I called the company and they voided the ticket when I explained the situation.  Perhaps they felt sorry for me.

2.  My first bike was powder blue with a solid rack over the back tire.  It was bitchin’.  That was when I was very young.  When I was in my early teens my friends and I thought it was cool to ride bikes that were much to small for us.

This led to my brother riding that tiny powder blue bike with me standing on the back rack.  When I took my hands off his shoulders and yelled “look no hands” I wasn’t expecting him to slam on the brakes.

My Aunt Liz witnessed the whole thing.  It likely hurt him more than it hurt me as I went crashing over top of him.

Lying motionless on the street in a heap of wreckage, all we could hear were the taunting laughs of our Aunt.

3.   While working for an accountant during tax season I needed to back-up my work on a USB drive every night since my computer wasn’t connected directly to the network.

My workspace was limited and the USB drive had a lanyard attached to it.  Seemingly insignificant and non-related facts.

Somehow the lanyard got wrapped around the wheel of my office chair one afternoon and in my haste I pushed back from my desk quickly.  My chair pulled the drive from the computer at a 90 degree angle and snapping it in half.

I tried to blame it on a co-worker, but Hugh, my boss knew me well enough already in my short time there to be able to see through my lie.

My attempts to retrieve the remaining info from the drive were also useless.  Causing me a lot of extra work that was unnecessary.

4.   One night Jarett and I were walking on the sidewalk next to a busy city street.  We needed to get across the street, but the nearest crosswalk would’ve required us to walk much further than if we just jaywalked.

While I walked I turned my head to look for an opening in traffic.  When I spotted an opportunity to cross I said “Let’s go!”, turned to sprint across the street and proceeded to run directly into a telephone post.

I quickly bounced off, made it across the street only to find that Jarett hadn’t crossed because he was doubled over laughing at me.

Any dumb moves that you want to share?

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