6 Pranks You Should Pull At Work

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1. Move your boss’ desk – Everyday move you boss’ desk a half an inch or so closer or further to a wall or other office landmark. It takes some patience, but when he or she has to start shuffling around the filing cabinet to get behind their desk it will be hard for you not to break down laughing.

It can also lead to them believing that they have gained weight.

2. Sand the legs of a chair – If you have wooden chairs somewhere at your workplace, you can sand each of the legs a little each day until one of your co-workers is eating lunch a lot closer to the ground than they used to be.

3. Put up a wall where there never was – If there is a hallway or a break room it’s priceless to see people’s faces when it has seemingly disappeared.

This one takes some effort and materials, but is worth it. Make sure you have some paint or wallpaper to match the area where the opening is and then just frame in a wall where there wasn’t one earlier.

4. Poke a hole in someone’s cup – I wouldn’t suggest doing this to someone’s coffee cup, for their safety (we don’t want to harm people), but if someone drinks water or something out of a paper or styrofoam cup, you could poke a pinhole in it so that it slowly drips.

Be aware of people who leave a cup on their desk on top of their work. They won’t be happy if it gets ruined. It’s their own fault, but they’ll try to blame you.

5. Disguise your caller ID – There are a number of online services that you can use to disguise your caller ID. Use one of these to disguise your caller ID when you call someone. It really freaks them out when it looks like you are calling them on their cell from their home phone or vice versa.

6. Put things in Jello – A la Jim from the office, anything owned by your co-workers can be suspended in Jello. It’s really as simple as following the directions on the box to make the Jello.

The tricky part is knowing when to put the stapler or mug or wallet of a co-worker into the Jello mixture. Too soon and it ends up at the bottom, but wait too long and it your Jello will be too firm to get your object into.

What is a prank that you should pull at work?



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