6 Things I Learned From The Internet

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The internet has changed the world and with that comes the realization that we were missing out on a lot before the internet came along. What did we do before Google or Wikipedia? Go to the library or ask someone who might know. How primitive.

Here are 6 things I learned from the internet.

1. The weather cannot be predicted – With all of the analytical data that is available to us and meteorologists alike it still seems impossible to accurately predict the weather. If I could attach a probability to the things that I say I would be a much more effective person. I’m 60% certain that touching this wire won’t kill me.

2. You can find information to support any idea – Do you think that a UFO was spotted over Roswell, New Mexico but don’t have any proof? Look it up on the internet. Do you believe that Colonel Sanders was the greatest entrepreneur ever? Someone on the internet agrees with you will back you up.

3. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is – In 2005 I was completely taken in by a website that chronicled the building of a tunnel from New Jersey to England. The engineering was amazing and the practicality of a train that was planned to run between the two points made me think that the world was becoming a better place. Turned out that none of it was real. Internet you let me down.

4. You can buy anything on Amazon.com – Need a stegosaurus costume for you dog? Amazon has it. Looking for live ladybugs? Amazon has them. Having trouble inserting suppositories? Amazon has you covered with a suppository inserter (not returnable). If you’re looking for it, Amazon has it.

5. You can learn to do anything on YouTube – Need to build a TV antenna? YouTube can show you how to build one with some pieces of wire and a scrap piece of wood. Got a beer bottle that isn’t a twist off, but can’t find you bottle opener? YouTube can show you how to do it with a magnet and a quarter. Been watching a lot of zombie movies? YouTube can show you how to zombie proof your car.

6. Google Docs are not doctors that work at Google – Turns out there is a free alternative to Microsoft office. Why buy the cow when you can get milk for free? How cool would it be to visit a doctor provided by Google though? Google could save health care.

What have you learned from the internet?


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