7 Things I’ve Learned From Having A Blog

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I have a confession to make. Starting this blog was an experiment.

As much as it’s been about giving people a look into my life and sharing what I believe are useful bits of humor and wisdom, it’s also been an in depth look for me at blogging as a professional tool, the power of social media and my capabilities as a writer/communicator.

It’s been an eye opening experience, more so than I had envisioned. Here are 7 things that I’ve learned from having a blog.

Your reach is global – In a short time with only a relatively small amount of shameless self promotion, this blog has been visited from 29 different countries across the globe.

To be fair a number of those visits have come from spammers trying to link back to their websites selling stolen credit card numbers or Russian brides. If you order a bride this week you’re guaranteed to be married by Christmas and if she’s over 35 the shipping is free!

I knew I would have visitors from a number of different countries, but I didn’t expect some of the countries I’ve seen listed. If you can post something that goes “viral” I imagine how much larger your reach would be.

You need to keep reaching new readers – It’s tough to build a loyal following. Only a small percentage of readers will return to your blog regularly.

Sometimes your content doesn’t apply to them, sometimes they may realize they don’t care for your writing, sometimes instead of reading each new post they may wait to read two or three at once.

I don’t read the same blogs that I read 6 months or a year ago, so it would be naive to think that every person who visits your blog will be a regular visitor.

If you want your audience to grow, you have to continue to find new readers and convert them into loyal followers.

Don’t take things personally – You can change what you’re doing, but don’t change who you are.

Not everyone is going to like what you’re doing. Some may think that you’re wasting your time, but if it matters to you that’s what matters the most.

It’s surprising who your readers are – I’ve been pleasantly surprised on numerous occasions when people have commented on my blog, whether online or in person.

I would’ve never expected comments from some of the people who have made them. It makes all of the hard work worth it with just a few kind words from a friend who has taken the time to read something I’ve written.

On the other hand it’s eye opening to not receive feedback from some people that you expected you would. I’m not sure what to make of this.

Writing about yourself is hard – The hardest posts to write are the ones that you open yourself up to others. It’s much easier to write a witty post about office politics than about something you’ve struggled with and have learned from.

Technology is frustrating – I’m fairly proficient when it comes to technology. I’m not likely to found the next Google or Microsoft, but I have problem finding the “Any” key on a keyboard.

Technology is wonderful and powerful beyond my imagination, but synchronizing information across different platforms and troubleshooting problems when they occur can be extremely frustrating endeavors.

Make adjustments – Figure out what you’re doing right and keep doing it. Figure out what you’re doing wrong and improve upon it. Enough said.

What has having a blog taught you?

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