Doubling Is Troubling

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Growing up my friend Adam and I found that we would always end up somewhere with one of having a bike and the other walking. Naturally one of us would “double” the other by letting them ride on the handle bars of the bike. Not only was this uncomfortable for the person riding on the handle bars, it was also dangerous.

We needed to come up with a solution, but what?

We had a beat up old blue bike that we rode around on, that’s where we would start. First we fabricated ourselves some foot pegs out of a piece of threaded rod so that we could use our legs to take some pressure off our backside. That helped a lot and kept us satisfied for a while, but we needed more.

I don’t recall which one of us came up with the idea, but it was brilliant! Somehow we needed to attach another bike seat to the handle bars. We found a big comfortable looking seat and did some tinkering with the brackets and no long after we had a bike with foot pegs and a seat on the handle bars. It was spectacular. We called her Peg.

We had a lot of fun riding around on that bike and it was relatively safe too. We tried adding additional features like a cooler on the back and even a siren so people would know that we were around.

That bike was anything but conventional. We got a lot of funny looks as we flew up and down the streets of town, but we didn’t care. We were having such a good time and we had an even better time designing and building it.

I don’t think that anyone sets out to look like a fool. Ultimately we all fail at this at some point in our life. For myself it’s daily or perhaps multiple times daily. I’ve lost track.

What’s interesting to me is how when you’re enjoying what you’re doing, the looks that people are giving you don’t seem to matter. It’s proportional too. The greater the amount of enjoyment, the lower the amount of perceived embarrassment or foolishness.

For all of the things that I’ve proposed that we should be conscious of, the way that others perceive us is one that we should be conscious of but there are times when it’s better to not worry about it and just keep on riding that funny looking bike with the siren blaring full blast.

When do you lose track of how foolish you look?



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