Finding The Keys To Life

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My cousin Mike and I spent a lot of time at our grandparents in our early years. We did a lot of dumb things when we were there. Enough that our grandpa once told us that he was writing them all down and would be sharing for hours at each of our weddings. It’s no coincidence that neither of us have ever married.

Once we found a pair of handcuffs that had belonged to one of our uncles. Real metal, need the key to get them off handcuffs.

Mike and I were already “attached at the hip” so wouldn’t it be fun to be attached at the ankles by handcuffs? We thought it would be, so we tried it. It was fun, but it didn’t give us enough mobility to still do other activities.

So up to the wrists they went, this was much better, but there was still something missing. An element of danger.

I was the younger of the two of us and would usually go along with whatever Mike told me to do. “Let’s throw the key down the hall and then see if we can find it” he said. Seemed reasonable to me and it was the first couple of times when it didn’t go too far and we could easily spot it.

Then we really let it fly all the way down the hall and into the far bedroom, but where? After looking for 20 to 30 minutes with no sign of it, our panicked grandma had an idea. Maybe she could pick open the handcuffs with a knife, once again it seemed reasonable to me.

I never thought of this until now, but I wonder what her plan was once she got one side opened. Was it to leave the other boy with the cuffs still on? Or try and pick the second side open? Also which boy was she trying to free first?

Working to no avail grandma sent us back to the bedroom to look for the key. It wasn’t long after that we spotted it under the bed, with some fancy maneuvering Mike and I were able to get under the bed and retreive the key and give each other the best gift that we could ever give the other. Our freedom.

Sometimes our hands are tied. Whether we’ve got there on our own accord or as a result of something we had no control over, we’re in a position with few if any options.

So how do you free yourself from an undesirable situation?  You don’t use a knife to try to pick a lock, I can tell you that.

Other than that I’m not really sure to be honest. I guess you just keep putting one foot in front of the other, looking under beds for the key, trying not to panic and just building momentum.

It’s like the story of a mule that fell into the farmer’s well. After assessing the situation it was clear that the farmer was not going to be able to save the mule, so he would have to bury him to put him out of his misery.

Standing in the bottom of the well, feeling shovel after shovel of dirt hit his back, the mule would shake it off and step up. It wasn’t long before the mule was able to step over the wall of the well and be free again.

What seemed like it would bury him, was actually a blessing.

What has your hands tied?

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