How Stealing A Car Can Solidify A Friendship

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My friends Anna and Danielle used to come watch Ryan and I play hockey. Afterwards we would usually end up at Boston Pizza with the girls and Jason.

One night we were sitting around BP and Anna and Danielle excused themselves to go to the washroom. Anna left her purse on her chair and one of us spotted her keys hanging out of it. Because they were on the outside of her purse we didn’t think she would be offended if we took them.

One of us came up with the brilliant idea to move Anna’s car to the movie theater parking lot across the street. I can’t take credit for the idea, but of course it was me who was urged to actually go move her car.

I quickly slid out of BP, got in her car and moved it across the street. It was easily visible from the entrance of BP if you knew to look there and knowing that we usually all left together my plan was that when she noticed the car was gone we would be there to ease her of her anxiety and point out that it was in fact across the street.

When I returned inside the girls had returned to the table. I took my seat, passed Anna’s keys under the table to Jason, who then very swiftly put his arm around Anna and dropped them into her purse.

He was able to do so because one of them had asked where I had been and in a way that only I can I had their full attention as I explained that I had been outside taking an important phone call, from someone totally believable, likely a minor celebrity.

For whatever reason Anna and Danielle had to leave earlier than us that night. We could see her out the window as she walked towards where her car had been parked.

She looked around as if maybe she had forgot where she parked, then she went from looking concerned to a bit hysterical to outright panic. All within a heartbeat.

Before one of us could get to her to explain what happened, she was back inside, in tears and on the phone with her dad. We weren’t laughing (it was a good thing, otherwise she may have killed us), but she knew something was up.

Of course Ryan and Jason threw me under the bus when she asked who did it. She was quite upset with me for a while, but a couple weeks later we were laughing about it as she plotted her revenge against me.

I learned something important that night. Actually two things. Whatever you do, don’t upset a girl to the point where she’s calling her dad…and if a friendship is important to you sometimes you have to look past a person’s decisions that caused you hurt and see them for who you know they are.

Anna did that for me and so have countless others, this was just the best story about it. Well so far.

What have you done that a friend has looked past?


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