How To Avoid “Pulling A Brent”

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In April a few years back a friend and I left Port Huron, MI on a sunny Saturday morning heading for Orlando, FL to pick up our friend Brent and his belongings.  Brent had lived there for the better part of two years studying film making, working on his tan and collecting vehicles that no longer ran.  Hence the need for us to drive down in Jason’s truck to get him.  The trip down was rather uneventful aside from the deer we narrowly missed 5 minutes after leaving, the time we spent looking for Tim Tebow at the University of Florida campus and a short stop in Corbin, KY to visit the first Kentucky Fried Chicken.  Which I have since learned is not a popular franchise with the people of Kentucky.  The trip home though would be the start of the phrase “Pulling A Brent” that Jason and I often refer to.

It’s a long drive from Orlando back to Port Huron, especially when you have three males squeezed into the front seat of a regular cab truck.  Brent was anxious to get home to see his family and his soon to be wife, but part of the deal was that we would be stopping in Atlanta to see the Braves play the Cardinals before continuing on our way.  Sometime around the 7th inning with the Braves leading 1-0  Brent turned to us and asked “Are you planning on staying for the whole game?”  Jason and I don’t leave sporting events early.  Not to beat traffic, not to avoid the crowd and certainly not to get back in a crowded truck to drive into the night.  We don’t want to miss anything, it’s just not the same on Sportscenter the next day.  Later we would coin the phrase “Pulling A Brent” meaning to leave something early or before it’s over.  So how can you avoid “Pulling A Brent” in your life?

You’re Closer Than You Think.  I’ve learned that there are a lot of times when I don’t think it’s worth it to pursue something any further and that it’s time to “Pull A Brent” on that situation.  I’ve also learned that in a lot of those situations I was closer to my desired outcome than I realized. That sometimes you come up against the most resistance right before you make the breakthrough you’ve been looking for.  That some of my greatest achievements and adventures are on the other side of the barriers that don’t seem worth it to remove.  How do you avoid “Pulling A Brent” in your life?  You push on, you keep going when it doesn’t seem logical, when others tell you it isn’t worth it.  Only you know how much it’s worth.

What’s standing between you and greatness?



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