How to Talk to P.O.D

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A year or so back I went to a P.O.D concert with some friends. I’m not their biggest fan, but they’re alright and it was a chance to reunite with some friends and see a band working it on the road long past their prime.

Long before the lights went down and they started to rock the house and long before I tried to entice the girl on the swing hanging from the ceiling to let me have a go at it, we were driving to the show. We were almost there when one of my friends got a text saying that his friend was on the bus with P.O.D because his cousin was friends with one of their mother’s dentist or something ridiculous like that. He told us to come wait outside their bus and he would introduce us to whoever he could. There we were waiting outside their bus, the anticipation was just starting to get overwhelming and then the bus door burst open and in a cloud of fog appeared P.O.D. Alright, maybe I over dramatized that a bit, I tend to do that. We actually waited about 5 minutes and then casually a couple of members came out.

My friend Jarett has been a drummer for a lot of years and credits his love of drumming to Wuv Bernardo, P.O.D’s drummer. Jarett looks like a rock star. Long hair, a couple tattoos and that just rolled out of bed, don’t mess with me kind of look. He’s not like that at all though, he’s pretty awesome. I, on the other hand look like I’m lost and looking for the nearest Banana Republic. I’m out of place at this concert, but here I am standing between Jarett and Wuv. We’ve all introduced ourselves and I can see that Jarett wants to talk to Wuv, but there’s an awkward silence.

How much do I love Jarett? Enough to ask Wuv if they’re a country band. That started a little spark of conversation, but not enough to get them talking. What are the next words out of my mouth? “Do you use a 2 in 1 or separate shampoo and conditioner on your goatee? Because it has a nice shimmer to it”.  Mane and tail is what he told me he used. That question was enough for Jarett to step in and take over the conversation though. They talked for a good 20 minutes or so about drumming, Jarett got some great insights from one of his drumming heroes and once again I saved the day. At least that’s how I see it.

Have you ever done something stupid to help a friend?


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