In Too Deep

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My cousin Mike and I found a pair of hip waders at our Grandparents when we were hanging out there. I was probably 11 or 12 and Mike was a couple of years older than I was.

What could we do with a pair of hip waders?

It was winter, so our Grandparents pools was covered so we wouldn’t be taking them in there, but the creek wasn’t frozen over. Of course it would be stupid to get into a frigid creek in the heart of winter without a good reason to do so.

With some carefully worded questions to our Grandpa we learned about the time one of our Uncles built a dam in the creek. We didn’t ask too many questions because we didn’t want it to be known what we were up to.

So we had the hip waders and some steel posts, but we needed something to put across the creek to block the water. There was an abundance of dead trees in the area, but we couldn’t find a saw. Luckily we found a rusty old axe.

Our first target tree was tall and straight, so we went to work taking turns hacking at it with our axe. We weren’t getting very far so we figured the axe must need to be sharpened. We took it into the house to our Grandpa’s grinder, which of course was quite loud and drew some questions from our Grandma. We satisfied her with some answers about how we were helping Grandpa.

With a freshly sharpened axe we went back to work on our tree. We managed to fell the tree in the general direction of our planned dam.

When I think about it I find it amazing that neither of us were seriously injured.

Somehow we got our steel posts into the creek bed and we were able to chop our tree into smaller pieces the would fit across the creek. Our dam never really materialized into much and when we came back the next day to see what we expected to be a pond where there once was only a creek, there was nothing. Not even a steel post left.

Mike and I were in over our heads when it came to building a dam. Luckily for us we were able to keep our heads above water and neither of us were injured or contracted hypothermia.

Sometimes we get in too deep. We get ourselves in a situation that seems hopeless, that feels like there is no way out.

The good news is that there is always a way out. If you don’t see it, talk to someone, anyone, they could be your answer.

Are you in too deep?


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