Life Is About Perspective

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When my brother Ian and I were both still in high school, my Dad and I were working around home one Saturday morning. My brother had spent the night at a friend’s place just outside of town.

While he was walking home a downpour of rain started. Luckily for him a family friend saw him and stopped to pick him up. He was a police officer and was on duty in his cruiser. Of course my brother had to ride in the back of the cruiser.

When the cruiser rolled down our quiet dead end street I can just imagine someone from every household spotting it go by and when it pulled into our lane way and the officer got out and released my brother from the back seat I can picture a lot of shaking heads and pondering what kind of trouble my brother had gotten into.

My Dad and I were initially shocked to see a police cruiser pulling into our lane way, but as soon as we saw who it was we knew that the chances of it being something serious were fairly slim.

A different time I was on a beach and saw two bikes passing by, at second glance I realized that there was no one riding either of these bikes.

After a minute or so I clued in that I was looking over a sand dune and that the bikes were actually attached to a rake on top of a car that was driving past. Oops.

Life is about perspective. Whether the glass is half full or is half empty depends on how you look at. You can choose to see things in whatever manner you want, but the way that you see them and the way that someone else sees them can be completely different.

It’s like those drawings that you look at and some people see a rabbit and other people see a duck. It’s the same drawing to both people, but they each have their own perspective of it.

Choose to see things in a positive light and you’ll usually find that things are positive.

How do you see things?


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