Life’s Checkpoints

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For a couple of years my friend Phil and I thought it would be fun to celebrate Cinqo De Mayo by going to Taco Bell for lunch. So on our lunch break we would put on our sombreros, get in the car and head for the nearest Taco Bell.

The look on people’s faces when we walked into the building with sombreros on was priceless. Even better was when we tried to order in Spanish. Phil even asked one time if they would convert the price to Pesos.

It was a fun tradition for Phil and I for a couple of years, maybe we’ll bring it back sometime.

In high school I was asked to give a speech about a teacher that was retiring. I was a student in his class a number of times. Not because I had to repeat a class multiple times, but because he taught many different classes.

My speech turned into to more of a roast of my teacher, but none the less he enjoyed it and we sent him off into retirement smiling.

There are many different checkpoints in our lives. Some of them happen yearly and some of them happen just once.

When something happens yearly I find myself reflecting back on what has happened on those days in the past. With yesterday being Christmas and next week being New Year’s it’s a season of reflection for most of us.

For a year that it seems like not much has changed on the surface, it seems like nearly everything has changed below it. I would venture to guess that a number of you are in a similar situation.

One time checkpoints like a retirement can be a scary time because they are usually at the end of something, like a distinguished career as a teacher or other major accomplishment. They’re the ending to a chapter of your life, but the beginning of something new.

We all have checkpoints in our life that we use to measure the progress we have made over the previous year or over the previous chapter of our life. Whether it’s things that everyone can see or things that no one can see.

I think reflection is the best way to gauge how things are going. It’s feedback on your life from your own perspective. Any decisions are difficult to make without some sort of direction. Reflection can give you the direction you’re looking for.

What progress have you made this year?

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