Mistaken Identity

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I was driving past the city where my friend Jarett was living on my way home from somewhere. It was the middle of the day, so I thought I’d call him to see if he wanted to have lunch.

At the time he was living with his friends Aaron and Krystal. Somehow when I’d be looking up Jarett’s number in my phone I would mistakenly call the land line at the house instead of his cell. This happened multiple times, many of which Aaron or Krystal would groggily answer the phone because I had called much later than I should and they were sleeping.

This occasion was no different as I called, except it was an appropriate time of day to be calling. When Jarett answered the phone I was relieved that although I had called the wrong number I had at least reached the person I was intending to. I asked if he wanted to have lunch, he thought that was a good idea and I told him that I would see him in a few minutes.

Something didn’t sit right when I got off the phone with Jarett. Something he said and the tone of his voice just weren’t adding up. Then it hit me! It wasn’t Jarett. He wouldn’t have asked me the follow up question he just did, Aaron would have. I had just asked Aaron to lunch.

When I got to the house Jarett wasn’t even there. I thought that I’d better come clean with Aaron. We both laughed about it and went and had a nice lunch together.

We mistake people’s identity all the time. I’m not talking about calling someone by the wrong name. I’m talking about mistakingly identifying someone as something they are not in your life.

Has your mother ever tried to scold you for something and in the process call you by each of your sibling’s names before getting to your name? Yeah mine hasn’t either.

That’s mistaken identity, but I’m thinking more along the lines of looking at someone who means something different to you then you think they do. Whether it’s someone who plays a big role in your life, who maybe shouldn’t or if it’s someone who plays a small role in your life who should be playing a bigger role.

Take a minute or two today to make sure that you’re identifying the people in your life as you should be.

Who’s identity have you mistaken?


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