My Worst Road Trip Mistakes

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I love going on road trips!  There’s nothing like the open road.  The sun is shining, you’ve got your road trip playlist, maybe you’re a windows down kinda person, all you have in front of you is miles of road but thats the rush you love.  It’s not the destination, it’s the journey and sometimes the journey throws something unexpected your way and sometimes you make your own trouble.

Here’s my worst road trip mistakes;

Getting On The Wrong Road – Let’s be honest, we’ve all taken the wrong road at some point in our lives.  Literally and metaphorically.  Two times that almost caused disaster for me.  Once on the way to New York City singing Beyonce’s to the left, to the left we went to the left, when we should have went to the right, to the right and ended up in the mountainous roads of the Pennsylvania backwoods with a flat tire.  The other time I was heading north through Lexington, KY on I-75 when I thought to myself that something didn’t look right.  Turned out I was on I-64 heading for Louisville.  A quick turn around and some county roads and we were back going the right direction.  Could have been a lot worse.  Georgetown, KY is beautiful in the summer though.

3 Guys in a Single Cab Truck For 1200 Miles – It seemed like a good idea (how many times have I said that?).  We pick up Brent (same Brent from “How to Avoid Pulling A Brent“) in Orlando and drive him and his belongings back to Port Huron, MI.  The most difficult stretch of road for all of us was the time that I was wedged into the middle seat.  You have to pay attention to me when I’m there because I’m right in your face the whole time.  Jay and Brent’s favorite part of the trip was when one of them insulted me and I vowed to not speak for the rest of the trip.  I think I made it about 20 minutes, they were working pretty hard to get me going.

Wearing New Underwear – Everything has a break-in period.  It doesn’t matter how ready something says it is on the package, it always takes some time for it to be at it’s ultimate comfort level.  Underwear is no exception.  In my haste to get on the road I put on a brand new pair of underwear, 600 miles of driving my aunt’s Caravan later I felt like I had sat in a patch of stinging nettles.  On the plus side, the second time I wore that pair felt like I could conquer anything.

Taking In Too Much Night Life The Night Before – This mistake is relative.  If everyone in your group takes part in the previous nights activities then this point is moot, but if you’re the only one of your travel companions to take part and you’re also the one who normally reminds them that their bathroom breaks are costing us valuable time, they don’t seem to be as forgiving of your extra stop nor do they let you forget it.  On the plus side I got to spend a wonderful evening with my cousin Manda in Knoxville.  If you are ever in town be sure to check out Peter Kern Library, it’s a speakeasy inside The Oliver Hotel.

What is your worst road trip mistake?

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