One of The Dumbest Things I’ve Ever Done

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With all the stupid things I’ve done to employers and co-workers it’s become extremely important for me to keep my head up and be extra cautious because there’s always someone trying to get me. It’s also important that I don’t leave openings or opportunities for those people.

Before going on vacation one summer I was working late to finish up some things. I was all alone and I wouldn’t be back for a week, I had to do something to my co-workers.

What I really wanted to do was to drywall shut the hallway to the lunchroom and washroom, but I didn’t have the required supplies or time. Instead I shrink wrapped the forklift and wrote “Bazinga” in big letters on it. That wasn’t enough though. I need to do something to my boss that would get him through a week without me.

After I cleared everything off of his desk I managed to spin it 180 degrees. Once I put everything back on his desk it was almost unnoticeable that it was facing the wrong direction. It was just the handles on the drawers facing the wrong direction that were giving it away, but I could live with that. To draw his attention away I shrink wrapped his chair so his eyes would be drawn to that.

Before I went home I made sure that everything in my office was in order and that there was no obvious opportunities for revenge from anyone. Everything looked good so home I went to start my vacation.

It wasn’t until late that night that I got thinking to myself, “Today was payday, what did I do with my paycheck?” It wasn’t in my pocket, it wasn’t in my lunch bag, it wasn’t on my dresser, it wasn’t in my car, it wasn’t anywhere. There was only one place it could be. Somewhere at work.

I couldn’t go back right then, it was late and dark and if someone saw me there I’d be getting a visit from the local police. I’d have to wait until the next morning and hope that my boss hadn’t been ambitious enough to come in on a Saturday morning.

My drive to work seemed to take longer that Saturday morning, but when I got there I was alone again. I went inside, disarmed the alarm (which I was unfamiliar with because of my tardy issues) and went looking for my check. Where did I leave it? Right in the middle of my boss’ desk. That could have been a costly mistake.

So what can we learn from this? Maybe it’s that we shouldn’t mess around with other people’s things, maybe it’s that we should be more concerned with our own well being instead of provoking people or maybe it’s that what goes around comes around. All of those are valid, but what I really took away from this was that doing things that you love is going to cost you. Sometimes it’s money, sometimes it’s relationships and sometimes it’s a good night’s sleep, but it’s worth it.

What keeps you up at night?



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