Opportunity Lies In Impossibility

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From an early age I have loved playing hockey and for almost as long I’ve been playing goalie.

In high school I played hockey on a team with my friend Tyler. We called him TP. TP was small, but he was quick and powerful (he once punched me in the face when I told him that earrings were for girls) with a heavy and accurate shot.

At practice one night he told me he was going to take 10 breakaways on me and that he was going to score on all 10 of them. I knew that wasn’t going to happen so I accepted his challenge.

After his first 9 attempts he had scored 2 or 3 times and knew that he had lost. Before his last attempt he was standing at center ice and pointed that he was going to hit me in the head with his last shot.

Once again I figured that wasn’t going to happen and encouraged him to give it his best effort. When he crossed the blue line he wound up for a slap slot and launched it my way. To my surprise it was coming right at my face. I tried to duck, but it hit me square in the mask and I crumpled to the ground.

It’s never a comfortable feeling to take a puck off of your face mask, but usually your ears ring for a minute, you shake your head and you keep playing. I’d never been hit hard enough that I ended up on the ground. TP rushed in to make sure that I wasn’t hurt and fortunately I wasn’t. Extremely shocked, but not hurt.

I would have put TP’s odds of hitting me in the head at slim to nil. Overcoming seemingly insurmountable odds is what makes sports a multi-billion dollar industry. Anyone or any team can win any game, no matter how unlikely it seems. People want to see the underdog win.

The impossible is achieved everyday. Not just in sport, but in all aspects of life. Flying, walking on the moon and breaking the sound barrier were all things that were thought to be impossible, but now have been achieved.

Every revolutionary idea was thought to be impossible. Thought by the majority to not even be worth trying or putting resources towards, but at least one person believed it was possible to accomplish.

In impossibility lies great opportunity. The ones that believe it can be done are the ones who are doing it because they are the ones who are coming up with solutions and implementing them. They are the ones calling their shot from center ice and having the guts to take the shot and knock their opposition off their feet.

What looks impossible to you right now?

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