Positioning Yourself

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Have you ever tried to back a trailer into a tight spot? By no means am I as experienced as millions of professional drivers around the world, but I have backed many trailers into many spots of varying degrees of difficulty.

One of the hardest parts of learning to back up a trailer is that your instincts are telling you one thing, but you need to do the opposite to get the trailer to move where you want.

Another aspect that can be tough to get your mind around is that sometimes you can’t turn you trailer enough in your first attempt to get it where you want it. Sometimes you have to back your trailer in a ways and then pull forward to reposition yourself.

If you golf like I do you tend to have a tree in between you and the green from time to time. You can try to hit your golf ball around the tree or over the tree, but you’ll likely learn the hard way that the chances of that turning out well are slim to none.

The much more productive play is to hit your golf ball out into the open fairway where you have an unobstructed shot at the green. Sometimes that even means hitting your golf ball in the opposite direction of the green.

Sometimes you can’t jump across the creek in a single bound. Sometimes you have to jump to the mucky sandbar part ways across the creek and then jump to the other side.

It’s dirty and messy and if you stay too long you could end up with your feet stuck, but it’s necessary.

It’s necessary to take a small leap in the right direction rather than attempting a large leap. It’s necessary to hit your golf ball to an open area that you have a chance to hit the green with your next shot and it’s necessary to pull ahead in order to situate your trailer or vehicle in such a way that you can back your trailer to where you want it to be.

See a common theme here?

There are a lot of things that seem contradictory to us moving in the direction that we need to go, but when you look at the bigger picture you can see that those are the things that enable you to have success.

The mindset that you must make it to your goal with only one leap or only by moving forward could be the mindset that is holding you back.

What creek are you trying to jump?


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