Put The Pieces in The Proper Context

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I have a hard time remembering people’s names and sometimes even remembering that I know them. Especially when I see someone in a different context than I normally would.

One such occasion I was walking to my car after seeing a movie with my sister Katelyn, when out of nowhere someone came up behind me and aggressively hit me on the arm. For a brief moment I thought we were getting mugged and pulled my sister in front of me to protect me. You read that correctly, I used her to protect me.

The stranger asked me if I remembered him. After being startled I was a bit short with him and sternly said “No, actually I don’t”. Turned out that we worked for the same company.

Another such occasion I was watching a hockey game with some friends, during the first intermission I turned around and someone behind me said “I thought that was you” and awkwardly I replied “Oh hey, how are you?” You know how it is, you’ve probably been there before. You speak vaguely and don’t dare say a name for fear that you may call them by the wrong name.

When he walked away I frantically looked at my friends to see if they knew who he was. None of them could help me. About half way through the second period after obsessing over it and trying to pinpoint where I knew him from I finally figured it out.

These were two incidents and I can’t count how many other times this has happened to me.

The thing is that both of these encounters were out of context of where I would normally see these people. I like to think that if I saw them in a similar situation to what I normally did that I would have recognized them and have been able to remember their name.

How often do you look at your own life out of context? How often do you look at someone else’s situation and wish that it could be you? Or do you think about what you don’t have and wonder why you don’t have it?

The strange part of it is that there is a lot of those things that the only reason we want them is because someone else has them and we want to be seen as an equal to them, therefore we should have the same as them.

It’s out of context to believe that you need everything that someone else does. Whether it be a material possession, a physical or character trait or what seems to be a streak of good fortune. You likely have everything you need, you just need to put the pieces into the proper context.

What are you looking at out of context?

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