Remember You’ve Never Lied To Me

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One of my favorite movies is “You, Me and Dupree”. I have even drawn comparisons to Dupree at points in my life. I think it’s just a polite way to tell me that I’m a third wheel. Although I’m never the third wheel for very long.

My favorite scene in the movie is when Dupree and Molly catch up to her father at the hospital where she confronts him as to whether he wants her relationship with her husband, Carl, to work out. She says to him “Dad, tell me the truth and remember you’ve never lied to me. Do you want my marriage to last?” Shortly after Dupree says to him “Bob, I have an important question for you and remember you’ve never lied to me either. Was it me you wanted to have a vasectomy or was it in fact Carl!?

Two times in recent memory I have used Dupree’s line.

One such time I had spent New Year’s eve night at my friend Marcus’ in East Lansing and upon waking up the first words out of my mouth were “Marcus, I want to ask you a very important question and remember you have never lied to me before. Is there an IHOP nearby?” Marcus told me there wasn’t, but later corrected himself after a Google search.

Another such time I was sitting around a campfire with friends. Katrina was one of them, but I had only met her a handful of times. She was wearing a University of Michigan shirt and I remembered her wearing one another time. So I asked “Katrina, I have an important question to ask and remember you have never lied to me before. Are you a Michigan fan?” She wasn’t, just picked up the shirt somewhere.

They say that there is no such thing as a stupid question, but I think these questions could be at least borderline stupid.

Asking questions is how we learn new things. We shouldn’t be afraid to ask questions of our superiors, peers or even strangers. Learning how and what to ask can be a challenge in itself, but is one that can only be met by trial and error.

Keep asking questions. It’s the only way you’ll get answers.

What questions do you need to ask?



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