The Office Worker’s Ultimate Survival Guide – Part 2 of 3

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This is a continuation of my last post “The Office Worker’s Ultimate Survival Guide – Part 1” Hopefully you were able to absorb what you learned in the first part and have been putting it into practice. Let’s keep going!

Always keep multiple windows open on your computer – Anyone who uses a computer at work uses it for more than work. It’s a fact.

Whether it’s for Facebook (Fall Into Timtation) or to play solitaire or maybe you’re writing a blog post right now. Every person in management knows this happens, but it’s tough to call you on it if they don’t actually see it (ie. There could be non-work related websites in your history, but you could say it was someone else or that you were hacked).

By keeping multiple windows open it’s easy to minimize what you’re not supposed to be looking at and have what you are supposed to be looking at take it’s place.

Always be listening – This is a trait all employers look for because they want someone who they only have to explain things to once. The real reasons you need to be listening all the time are

1) So you know when someone is coming so you can look like a model employee.

2) So you know what other people are saying about you or your co-workers. This information can be helpful later down the road.

Keep good relations with the people below you – The further up the corporate ladder you get, the more you’re going to need the people below you. At some point you’re going to need a favor.

Whether it’s to make you look good or to get you out of a jam you created it doesn’t matter. These are the people to make it happen. They’re the ones who make the company functional and are usually looking for an opportunity to prove themselves.

If you treat them right, they will treat you right and you can both be successful. They are also the best confidants when you need to blow off some steam or wank about someone in management.

Play the blame game – If there’s one rule you should follow in an office it’s “deny, deny, deny”. You don’t want to take responsibility for anything. If something gone wrong is being blamed on you, deny it. If someone is impressed with the work you’ve done, deny it.

You don’t want to stand out, you just want to blend in. It’s obvious why you don’t want to take the blame for something, you’ll have to fix it. But why don’t you want accept someone’s praise? It goes back to setting the standards for you too high. You can’t maintain those lofty standards, keep yourself with in regularly attainable standards.

The blame game is about always tracing things back to someone else. It was someone else’s fault that something went wrong and it’s someone else’s great work that made it possible for you to do great work.

We’re almost there! There’s one more post to give you everything you need to know. Keep practicing and we’ll meet back here.

How can you improve your office etiquette?


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