The Office Worker’s Ultimate Survival Guide – Part 3 of 3

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This is a continuation of “The Office Worker’s Ultimate Survival Guide – Part 1” and “The Office Worker’s Ultimate Survival Guide – Part 2

Tell your boss everything his boss tells you – A good boss will protect you from the higher ups. If their boss comes to you directly for something, fill your boss in on every detail. It’s called “dispersing the responsibility”.

When someone else’s boss comes to you directly, it puts you in control of the situation. You have something they want that your boss can’t deliver and that could make your boss disposable .

By telling your boss everything, you make him feel needed and you create a buffer between you and the higher ups. This would also be a great time to take your boss’ job if that’s something you’re striving for. In that case don’t tell him anything and act mysterious.

Imagine yourself at your boss’ desk – Better yet sit at their desk and pretend to be them. At some point most of us think that we’d like to be our boss.

Wouldn’t it be great if you were the one calling the shots and making the big money. Maybe, but likely your boss is thinking the same thing about wanting to be their boss.

You and your boss are essentially the same, it’s just that they have more headaches than you. There’s really only one decision maker in a company and those decisions are passed down through the layers of management until they get to the person who must take action on them.

The more layers of management between the decision maker and the action taker, the less likely a decision can be traced back to the decision maker.

Have an organization system only you can understand – If you find that when someone tries to be helpful it usually causes more work for you, than this is for you.

Organize your work in such a way that only you understand it and when someone is looking for something or thinks they’re helping you give them a “ugh of disgust”or a “snort of derision” and they’ll leave your work alone because they don’t want to deal with you if they mess something up.

It doesn’t have to be complicated. Just multiple piles of paper, scattered in different locations, with no labels would be enough. They don’t even have to be real piles of work.

So there it is. Everything you need to know to survive working in an office. If you’re having problems after reading this, then working in an office must not be for you. Maybe try white collar crimes like embezzlement or fraud, you know something easy.

Any other tips for working in an office?



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