Weighing The Costs

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One summer I lived with my friend Matt. At this particular time my friend Zane was staying with us as well.

One Thursday evening Zane and I were hanging out at home. Matt was out somewhere and when he returned home the first thing he said was “Let’s go camping!” I was hesitant at first, but I knew we were going as soon as the words came out of his mouth. We grabbed a few things, got in the car and headed towards Grand Bend.

By the time we got there it was after 11pm and of course the park we had planned to stay was closed. So what’s plan B?

We didn’t really have one and we didn’t really care because we had something more important to tend to before we found a place to sleep. We needed to find someplace dark so we could set up Matt’s telescope and check out the stars.

We drove around for a while and found ourselves on a back road next to an onion field. We got the telescope out and set it up, but unfortunately none of us had much experience with telescopes and so our best view was of the dark night sky. It was still a very memorable night and whenever I smell onions I think of the overpowing onion smell and the cool dark night trying to look at the stars.

We ended up sleeping in the car in the back parking lot of a church because we figured it had to be a safe place to stay. At that point we regretted bringing the telescope as it took up most of the back seat of an already overfull car. Poor Zane. It was worth it as we had an excellent day at The Pinery the next day on the beach and even met up with some other friends.

Being spontaneous is fun, but it usually comes with a cost. Sometimes it’s monetary, like a last minute plane ticket and sometimes it involves your health, like sleeping in a Honda Accord in a church parking lot.

Anything that is worth something is going to cost you something. It could be money, it could be time or it could be some other personal sacrifice, but it’s definitely going to be something.

The important thing is that you weigh the cost against what it is you are gaining. The precious memories of life are priceless and usually worth the personal sacrifice needed to make them, but sometimes what you are getting isn’t worth what it is costing you.

Always consider what it’s worth and never let yourself be cheated out of something of value.

How much are you willing to pay?


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