When Should You Follow Your Heart?

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When I was attending college I lived in dorm. In my dorm was a communal washroom. The men’s washroom was not equipped with any urinals, but solely with toilets, each with their own stall.

In their infinite wisdom, our RA’s took the door off of the first stall in order to give us quicker, unobstructed access to that toilet for when we only needed someplace to stand to take care of business.

Adjacent to that stall was a separate room with a bath tub in it to use instead of one of the many available showers. No one ever used the bath tub, or so at least I thought.

One evening I walked into the washroom, went into the stall with no door and was doing my thing, when I heard someone talking to me.

I was certain that no one had come into the washroom after me and I couldn’t hear any of the showers running and anyone that was in the washroom when I came in could not have known it was me.

The voice called out to me again. I finished what I was doing and bravely turned around to see who was stalking me. I didn’t see anyone. I started to leave when I spotted where the voice had been coming from.

It was coming from the bathtub room. My friend Feeny was soaking in the tub and for some reason he felt more comfortable with the door open and he spotted me when I walked into the washroom. It was a very uncomfortable situation for me. There he was, soaking in a broth of his own filth, naked, vulnerable and not very well covered up at all.

Advising someone to follow their heart is a popular concept for most people and I think that it’s a valuable option, but I think a lot of times we get mixed up as to what our heart is saying or we get confused because it’s not our heart that we are listening to, but some other source of direction.

Sometimes our heart is trying to lead us in the right direction, but is skewed by what we think is the right way to go or skewed by what we think someone else would want us to do. Sometimes we aren’t willing to go where our heart leads us and sometimes we try to influence our heart to lead us in the direction that we want to go.

Following your heart is good advice. Finding your heart is the hard part.

What are you taking your direction from?


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