Why I Don’t Mind Awkward Moments

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My friend Ryan was house sitting for friends of his while they were on vacation one winter. At that point I had never met these people. Ryan invited me over on a couple of occasions to hang out, but I never really paid much attention to things like photos or any other clues that would give me an indication of who actually lived there.

When they returned home from their vacation the house was intact, things went back to normal and I never heard anything else about them or their house. That is until the next summer when I would once again step foot in their house.

I had joined a softball team, with Ryan and one of the other members of the team was Eugene. Eugene had invited us back to his place for a BBQ after practice one afternoon as a sort of team building time. His wife Kim was at home preparing for us to come over. I had met Kim a few times previous to this, but she really only knew very little of me.

When we arrived at Eugene and Kim’s, she greeted us at the door. From the outside I didn’t recognize the house, but as soon as I set foot inside I knew I had been here before. Two questions came to mind. 1) Was this deja vu? I didn’t want to look like an idiot by saying that I had been there before, when I had in fact not been there. 2) Why had I been here?

It took me a minute, but I was able to put the pieces together and when I did I announced to Kim “I’ve been in your house before, we didn’t know each other yet, but I’ve definitely been here”. She seemed a bit confused as well as concerned. Once I explained the circumstances to her, she was at ease with the situation, not completely comfortable with it, but at ease.

I was pretty awkward when I was young, but I was never afraid of putting myself out there. I would say stupid things but then they would laugh at me and possibly find it endearing. – Kunal Nayyar

I have a tendency to put my foot in my mouth. That being said, I’ve also learned to somewhat elegantly remove said foot from said mouth. I create a lot of awkward moments and in those moments are when I find comfort because it’s usually when I’m being the truest version of myself. The thing is, when we stop being who we think we are and start being who we are it’s intoxicating.

It’s intoxicating to ourselves and to those around us. It’s endearing, people want to be around people who are genuine and who are comfortable in their own skin. If you can learn to be comfortable in your own skin, then you can probably conquer anything because being comfortable with who you are is tough and something that everyone struggles with at some point.

Where do you find yourself?


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