Will Your 5 Year Plan Be Obsolete?

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On the radio recently there was a story about a study suggesting that in 10 years social media jobs would be obsolete.

Ten years ago if I told you that someone could make a living “tweeting” you would have punched me in the face because you thought I was a pervert or you would have asked me if I was having a stroke.

That’s because ten years ago social media jobs were non-existent. I’m sure there were some social media jobs, but the average person was just starting to be introduced to social media.

How can we really predict what’s going to happen in ten years or even five or three and does it even matter if we’re right with our predictions?

The story on the radio made it sound like it was a negative thing, that losing those jobs was really going to hurt, but there was no mention of what was going to happen to social media.

In ten years will social media be extinct? Maybe, but I doubt that it will just disappear. I think the more likely scenario will be that something else will have replaced social media.

Remember how great 8 Tracks were (thankfully I don’t), then cassette tapes, then CD’s, now digital music? But nothing could be better than digital music right? No, for now, but someone will come up with something. They likely already have.

The same thing will happen with social media. Someone will come up with something better and when that happens someone will be able to create jobs out of it.

Even if the something better is robots that are more intelligent and intuitive than we could ever be. It’s an easy task to be more intelligent and intuitive than some people, but I just used “intuitive” properly in a sentence. Good luck building a robot to replace that, but someone will have to build the robots and fix the robots.

My point is this. It’s really difficult to predict what’s going to happen. Especially things that are out of our control. The best predictions are the predictions about things that we have control over.

Things like working hard or maintaining a positive attitude, because when things change around you that you had no idea even existed, those are qualities that are going to always exist.

Next time you sit down to make your 5 or 10 year plan think about who it is that you want to be more than what or where you want to be. There are a lot of ways to get to where you want to be, but none of them will matter if who you are isn’t worth being there.

What do you predict for yourself?

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