Yes, No, Wait and HIMYM

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Last week the TV show “How I Met Your Mother” had it’s series finale after nine seasons of following along with Ted Mosby’s story to his children about how he met their mother.

The reviews of the finale were mixed at best with a lot of people feeling that the writers had cheated them. I on the other hand enjoyed the finale.

In case you haven’t watched it yet I’ll try not to give away any details.

The reason I liked the finale was because I felt that the writers did a good job of tying up the loose ends of the show and in the process sharing the successes of some of the characters whose futures had hung in the balance as they pursued their dreams.

I felt that the way our fictional friend’s lives turned out were more realistic than I’m used to seeing at the finale of a long running TV show. With that was also the realization that none of their successes came as they had planned.

Each of them achieved a goal that was satisfactory to them, but not the goal that they had originally set out to achieve and none of them did it in the time frame that they had envisioned that they would.

It’s good to have goals, but we need to be mindful that what we set out to achieve now may not be what we desire when our goals come to fruition. We also need to be mindful that things are not always a yes or no, but that sometimes the right thing to do is wait.

Sometimes it’s a no for now, but later on that same no could turn into a yes. Sometimes we need to wait for something else to happen or learn something else or rid ourselves of something.

What blows my mind is the precision in imprecise situations. How close we are to missing something or all the little things that line up to create an opportunity that you had no idea was coming.

I think the biggest thing in the HIMYM finale and in my own life is the idea that although things haven’t come to together the way that they were planned, yet they do come together eventually and when they do you realize that you somehow you ended up where you wanted to, but you not really sure how you got there.

What’s in progress for you?


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